The facade of your home acts as a shell. This protective layer is in place to keep your interior just that… interior.  
And when you let Mother Nature inside, your interior will begin to deteriorate. That’s why exterior painting is your first defense against the elements. If your home’s exterior paint is damaged from wood rot, you’ll need to paint it or hire an exterior painting contractor. 
Because water can seep into the structure of your home and cause wood rot! So, what’s wood rot? Wood rot occurs when wood is damaged by water, bacteria, mold, and fungi. There are two types of wood rot: 
Wet Rot 
Wet rot is rot associated with water in direct contact with your wood. Over time, this direct contact will cause your wood to break down and rot. Wet rot is a common structural issue with leaky roofs and facades, especially in stormy areas. 
Dry Rot 
Dry rot is rot caused by mold, fungi, and bacteria. Dry rot, surprisingly, is more likely to damage wood. Dry rot causes wood to crumble quickly. You can spot dry rot by looking for white and grey cloudy lumps. Dry rot wood will also fall apart easily if you pick at it. 
Replace or Repair Wood Rot? 
Replace the Wood 
Replacing damaged wood is the most expensive option and but proper care and preparation can maximize its lifetime. If you must replace wood damaged from rot, then it is vital that all the surfaces are coated with a high-quality primer and sealer. Covering the wood in a strong protective coating will keep out rot-causing elements like water or bacteria and will set the foundation for a flawless finish. 
Repair the Wood 
Repairing damaged wood is the most cost-effective option and if executed properly, will look just as good as replacing it. A skilled professional can scrape off any lose or flakey paint to identify the areas affected by rot. Damaged areas will be cut out and replaced, filled and then patched with a wood sealer or epoxy product. 
If you think your home has fallen victim to rot, you’ll want to reseal your home’s facade with a fresh coat of paint. Call Coastal Colors Painting Company, your local San Diego painting contractor on 760-274-5391. We’ll give you back your home and your peace of mind. 
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