• Cabinet Refinishing Services

    December 23, 2013 | Blog
  • At Coastal Colors Painting Company, we are committed to high quality work and we are eco-friendly. we offer low VOV high quality paints that will give you a healthier home. All of our waste materials are appropriately disposed of or recycled. We even donate our leftover paint to charity. Our drop cloths are washable and we use them as often as we can. We even carpool to our projects to save on gas and help the environment.

    So, you want to save a few trees by refinishing your kitchen cabinets as opposed to purchasing new ones. Good for you. We offer cabinet refinishing services for homeowners in San Diego and the surrounding areas. If you are tired of your kitchen looking dull and listless, refinishing your will add pizzazz to your kitchen. You can update your kitchen by wood stain or lacquer. We will come in and strip off the old layers and give them the finish you desire. There is also the option of cabinet painting. Painting your is a quick and cost effective way to give your kitchen a new look and feel.

    With the years of experience and success in the refinishing, you can rest assured you will love the finished product. Our experts have perfected their craft with decades of experience under their collective tool belts. Give us a call today.