• If you’re looking to upgrade your walls with a fresh coat of paint, you’re about to make a big decision. No, no, no, not who to call to get the job done (call Coastal Colors of course!). You’re faced with the decision to choose the next color for your wall. Unfortunately with painting, the only remedy to a poorly chosen color is to repaint the whole painted surface, so choose wisely – or let us advise you on the best color options to suit your interior space! Here are a few things we like to consider when we’re picking the right color for a wall!

    Look Out The Window

    What does your landscape look like. Do you live on a San Diego beach? Are you surrounded by palm trees and foliage? Or are you downtown, overlooking the city life? Determine a color that will suit your surroundings. Pastels and seafoams are popular near the beach, while bolder colors pop in homes surrounded by plant life. If you’re living downtown, consider extra bold colors, or stick with classics – off-whites, greys, subtle greens and blues.

    What Does Your Furniture Look Like?

    Consider the furniture you’ve placed around your home. If you have a dark brown leather couch, it matters! Dark brown leathers pop against bold colors, but they look out of place near light neutral paints. Have a white couch? Think lighter colors – again seafoam is a great option. Light neutrals look good behind white furniture.

    What Colors Do You Like?

    This tip’s a bit obvious, but think on the colors you love. If you live with loved ones, discuss their tastes as well, and pull a selection of color samples from your local paint supplier – they’ll help you narrow it down.

    What Style Are You Going for in Your Home?

    Does your home have a unique style or theme? Do you have dark hardwood floors and wooden fixtures? You can opt for bold, rich colors. Think maroons, evergreen greens, even chocolate or dark purple can be a nice accent. If your home is full of light and openness, go for white, pure blues, seafoam colors, or possibly a mustard color if you’re rather bold.