• It’s been a few years since your kitchen has been redone. Ok, let’s face it. It was a couple of decades ago. The colors in the space are outdated and dingy looking. However, the bones of the kitchen are still good, but maybe you want the kitchen be updated. Here are some tips on things you could change that would offer a quick fix for a relatively low price.

    • Paint – light colors help to open up a space

    • Upgrade appliances – while they can be costly, they update a space in a hurry

    • Change out fixtures – faucets with the pull-out sprayer are a nice option

    • Change the handles and knobs on cabinets – this quickly changes the look of the kitchen and can be relatively low cost

    • Refinish cabinets – in addition to the new knobs, this will round out the new look

    • Lay new flooring – while being a large undertaking, it will make the space look fresh and new

    • Put in a new back splash – the back splash is one of the quickest places to show it’s age with splashes and grime from everyday use

    No matter how many or how few of these tips you implement, it will make a difference in how your kitchen looks. Kitchen updates also help with resale of a home too, so it remains an advantage for you to keep your kitchen looking new, even if you don’t plan on moving.

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