• Exterior Painting in San Diego is More Than Just Standing in Front of Your House With a Fistful of Swatches

    September 11, 2014 | Blog
  • So, your neighbor had his house painted this last spring and it really looks great. The only problem is it makes your house look less than desirable. That is, your neighbor’s new paint job really brings out the fact your home looks faded and weathered. Listen up, nothing here to fret about as there is plenty of time to get your house painted before the monetary demands of Christmas all but steals you blind. Exterior painting in San Diego is more than just standing in front of your house with a fistful of swatches. A really good exterior paint job is like getting a new home overnight.

    It is important to have your home painted for more than just the aesthetic value. Certainly, a new paint job will give your home a great look and add character, but it will also help protect against the elements. You see, paint serves as the first line of defense against weather, insects and other types damage. So it is important to keep up on it.

    Now that you have decided to have your home painted, you need to choose a color. This is really not as simple as it may seem. We are sure that there will be at least a little disagreement with your spouse as to what color to go with. After all, you drive the dark blue BMW and she rides around in a light-reddish, pinkish convertible. Let’s face it, you two argued for weeks over the middle name of your son. We suggest you drive around the neighborhood to get a good feel of the type of color you should choose. If you drive around long enough, your will both no doubt discover the perfect color for your home. This makes you happy, although you still think your son’s middle name should be Hodor.