• Five Reasons You Should Hire a Pro to Paint Your House

    July 6, 2015 | Blog
  • Are you a big do-it-yourselfer? We understand the satisfaction in taking on a big project, and seeing it through to the end. And if you’re thinking of tackling your home’s exterior painting as your next project, well that’s mighty big of you! However, there are a few reasons why doing your own exterior painting might not be the best idea…

    • Detail work: Detail work can be tricky, time-consuming, and it might be what onlookers notice first! Professional painters tackle trim masterfully, and know exactly how to tape off those pesky cornices and intricate decorative elements.
    • You might damage your home: If you don’t properly protect your home as you move ladders or scafolding, you could risk damage to your home. Furthermore, stray paint droplets can end up in unfortunate locations – becoming a part of your trim, windows, driveway, or dog for ages.
    • Do you have the right equipment? There are a lot of tools out there that aid in making exterior painting attainable. To name a few, specific tapes, brushes, extenders, ladders, scaffolding, power washers, and sanders might be necessary purchases to knock out that exterior paint job.
    • Safety: If you’ve got a home that’s taller than one story, then you’ll spend time on a ladder. And painting on a ladder often puts you off balance. As always, be cautious if you’re about to set foot on a ladder.
    • Experience means consistency: A consistent stroke lends to a clean lineless monochromatic finish. Pro painters know how to properly mix and maintain paint, and how to quickly and appropriately apply paint in order to get a contiguous line-free paint application.

    Now remember, if you’re considering painting your home’s exterior, you have options! And if you live in the San Diego area, you’re always welcome to call on Coastal Colors!