• Painting requires a slew of tools to get the job done. We’ve compiled a list of painter’s tools we use to do the job right. Here’s our glossary of some of our most necessary professional painting supplies, as supplied by Coastal Colors – your local professional painting company:

    Angled Paintbrush

    We rely on our angled paintbrushes for detail elements. Edging, accents, and corners are best tackled with an angled brush.

    Caulking Gun

    Caulking protects corners from wear, and it leaves your walls with a clean line. We rely on our caulking guns to get a pristine finish on our paint jobs.

    Drop Cloths

    Low-tech but necessary. Drop cloths protect your floors, furniture, and anything you’d like to keep paint free. We don’t drip paint often, but when we do it’s on a drop cloth.

    Pouring Spout

    A pour spout keeps the paint flowing where you want it. A good pour spout allows proper pouring from your paint bucket to your roller tray.


    A primer coat is often necessary. We use high quality primers to ensure supreme protection and superb consistency.

    Putty Knife

    The putty knife is essential for hole repair. Also, spackle. But we’ll get to that in a second.


    Scaffolding is essential for tall projects. We use scaffolding to stay safe as we access tall exterior walls (and occasionally interior walls!).


    Spackle is a hole-filling material that’s ideal for drywall. Spackle can be used to repair small holes (an inch or less) or larger holes with proper preparation.

    Stir Stick

    The stir stick keeps paint consistent. Paint needs to be well stirred before it’s applied. We also use a mixer attached to a drill gun to ensure supreme consistency.

    Roller Tray

    The old roller tray is as handy as ever. Roller trays make painting easy, as they’re perfectly shaped for roller absorbance.