• Remodeling a home or a space can create dumpsters full of waste. You want to remodel, but you want to do it and stay green, recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of materials you use in the process. Likewise, you want to hire in only companies who have the same goal in mind while they work.

    While some areas of a residential property will be more challenging, there are many areas of your remodel you can be environmentally conscious as you change the looks of the space. Here are a few to take into consideration as you plan out the renovation.

    • Use environmentally friendly materials. Not all home improvement supplies are created equally. Paints are one material they can either limit harmful effects or hurt in production, health of residents and in disposal. You can find companies who use these less harmful paints.
    • Reuse what you already have or something that is in existence rather than buying new. For example, you can use your cabinets in the kitchen and find someone in the San Diego area who is excellent at cabinet refinishing, instead of buying new.
    • Your flooring is another material you can choose to reflect your desire to stay green on your home improvement project. Hardwood flooring, for instance, can come from clear cut forests (a non-renewable source) or from a source that is quickly renewed, like bamboo.

    Coastal Colors is committed to keeping the planet green. We use environmentally safe paints. We also recycle and reuse materials we can. We have an A+ rating from BBB after 7 years of continuous accreditation. Contact us for a free estimate on interior, exterior custom painting and refinishing services.