• If You are in the Market for a Quality Painting Contractor in North County San Diego, Give Us a Call for a Free Estimate

    February 24, 2014 | Blog
  • Another year has passed; another year that you thought about having your house painted but failed to pull the trigger. Go outside right now and take a close look at your home. No question about it, it is indeed a beautiful home, but on closer examination you can see the peeling paint, the stains and it is so obvious the colors are fading. What was once a deep, rich color of blue is now closer to aqua-marine. Now take a look at the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Are you beginning to feel a little shame and guilt? It’s fine time to stop making excuses and give us a call. It’s a move we promise you will not regret, unlike that tattoo you got in Vegas.

    Our quality home exterior painting will enhance the look of your home as well as protect it from the elements. A quality paint job is like taking your home to the beauty salon, you won’t recognize it after we are finished. Don’t go thinking that we will cut corners to save a few bucks, that is definitely not our style.

    We understand that it is critical to prepare your home’s surface to industry standards to ensure that our exterior painting job will stand the test of time. We will start the job with a power wash and then thoroughly dry all the surfaces. This will ensure a smooth paint finish. In fact, we will even power wash the tiles on your roof for a gleam that will make your roof look brand new.

    If you are in the market for a quality painting contractor in North County San Diego, give us a call for a free estimate. You will be glad you did.