• In my previous blog, I gave tips to update your tired kitchen. Small things like paint or new cabinets are easy ways to refresh a space. While the option to get all new cabinets used to be the trend, there are many ways that cabinets can be refinished to change the look of your kitchen space. While new cabinets can be very pricey, they do allow the homeowner to change the layout of the space, where the pans are stored and if there are drawers or open space.

    However, if your kitchen has sturdy cabinets and you are happy with the layout, you may consider simply refinishing them. You will save a considerable amount of money. A DIY refinish will take time, patience and a certain level of knowledge about painting and refinishing, otherwise, but if inexperienced, the end result might be improperly functioning doors and drawers. Paint, if applied incorrectly or in the wrong places can cause problems for the fit of the door and drawers. It can also muck up the integrity of the hinges and closures. Your other option is to have a specialist come in and refinish the cabinets in a short amount of time.

    For a quality cabinet refinish, call Coastal Colors, serving all San Diego and south Orange county. We can give you a free quote for the job. Our refinishing includes proper preparations to ensure the finished product is top quality.  We’ll work out all the details with you before we start any work on your cabinets and get a contract drawn up so you have no surprises.