• There are more reasons to paint the exterior of a home than the aesthetic. Homes that have peeling paint are more susceptible to moisture damage. Especially along the California coast, and with the weather that comes in from the Pacific Ocean, moisture in the air can soak into the materials and create damage. If moisture stays on a home with wood siding, for example, it can cause wood rot and other major damage to your home.

    Be sure to hire a professional to evaluate the quality of your exterior paint. They can also let you know what your siding material is and how often it will need to be prepped and painted in order to protect your home from weather damage and other environmental damage. No matter the materials of the home’s siding, the trim will need to be repainted every couple of years as these tend to show more wear and tear than the siding. The trim tends to show more wear because of the placement on the home and that it is typically wood. Painting the trim on your house and giving it a quick pressure wash will help it stay looking it’s best.

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