• North County San Diego Homeowners Trust Coastal Colors for All Their Interior and Exterior Painting Projects

    May 13, 2014 | Blog
  • The exterior of your house is more or less an extension of your home’s personality. If your home is in need of a facelift, painting it is an affordable way to make a big impact. But just how do you choose a color? Take these creative tips into consideration.

    Like we stated earlier, the exterior of your house is an extension of its personality. All you need to do is discover what type personality your home has. Consider such factors as geographic location, your family lifestyle and the neighborhood in which you live, all factors in shaping personality. Now, determine what colors fit the personality of your home. For example, traditional colors may suit your home or perhaps trendy, bold colors are better suited for your home.

    Another way to help determine the right color for your home is by taking cues from its architectural elements. Take a close look at the overall shape of your house, look at the type of roof you have and pay attention to the details in the trim. Use this criteria to determine the proper color that will showcase your home.

     Sometimes you can discover the best color for your home by digging up the past. Think about the sights you have encountered over your lifetime; think about specific houses you have visited or seen. We are quite sure there have been at least a few houses in which you can draw inspiration. For example, there was a house you saw on your last trip to Boston that made a lasting impression. Now, ask yourself if the colors on that Boston house would look good on your home.

    After you discover the colors that best suit the personality of your home, give us a call. North County San Diego homeowners trust Coastal Colors for all their interior and exterior painting projects.