Beautifully natural, warm and welcoming. 

Wood can be a stunning accent to any home, as long as it’s treated, finished and maintained properly. From your doors and cabinets to your ceiling beams and backyard decks, having your wood refinished can make an enormous difference in the value and beauty of your home. 

Interior Wood Refinishing 

With doors, ceiling beams, fireplace mantels, stairs, and so many others, you may have a gorgeous natural wood with a sturdy, intricately beautiful grain that is just waiting for you to enhance it. By removing old layers of paint and lacquer, and staining the wood a rich, lasting color, it can become a sophisticated focal point. 
With craftsmen who make the process easy, comfortable and satisfying, you can now have the interior wood refinishing services you’ve been dreaming about. Call us today for flawless results and excellent pricing, and take pride in your home again 

Cabinet Refinishing 

Whether in your kitchen, family room or another area, solid wood cabinetry serves a specific purpose: it stores what you need, where you need it. But in the right hands, it can be a thing of beauty, adding aesthetics to function. 
Get a natural, warm and beautiful look by staining your cabinets, or choose lacquer or paint to highlight the design work and accent your décor. We are happy to provide a free color consultation so you can get the look of your dreams that will last for years to come. 

In the Kitchen 

We use a carefully chosen, exterior-grade paint, and other durable materials so you get the function you need in your kitchen without detracting from its beauty. Get a look that will stand up against wear and tear, heat, grease, moisture and more and let us bring your design dreams to life. 

Exterior Wood 

Wood accents give a house curb appeal and character. Worn, weathered fences, balconies, decks and doors look unkempt and detract from an otherwise well-cared for house. Protect your investment, add to your home’s aesthetic appeal and get the exterior wood refinishing services that you can trust. From your front entryway, shudders, fencing, to your trim and soffits, we meticulously craft each stroke with care and attention to detail so you get the very best results that will last—season after season. 

Best Practices 

We start all of our wood refinishing projects with meticulous preparation: sanding and filling flaws, using the right primer, and applying the color you want with the attention to detail it deserves. The products we use are designed to hold up to all types of weather, daily grime and the effects of pollution. When appropriate, we use environmentally-friendly and low- or no-VOC products, so fumes are minimized. 

We have the tools, products and equipment to provide you with exactly what you want, and if you’re not sure what that is, our color consultants will help you decide — for free 

Get started with a free consultation and see what true craftsmanship is all about. 
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