• Refinishing kitchen cabinets can give you a custom look for less than you’d pay to reface or replace. With our skill in cabinet refinishing and applied knowledge of color, we can turn ordinary face frames and doors into works of art that finish your decor. Cabinetry is at the heart of what makes a kitchen attractive and functional. If yours no longer work with your style or if you’ve inherited a house with dingy, dark wood, there is no need to rip it all out and start over. Wood refinishing by staining, lacquering or painting is the answer you’ve been looking for.

    Refinishing kitchen cabinets can create a natural warmth or a jolt of color that ties the room together. There is no reason to invest in all-new storage when all you really need is the right coating applied with professional precision.

    Why Refinish? 

    Many cabinets are perfectly sturdy and soundly built. You may love the detailing and the lines, just not the color. Before you invest in refacing, call us and discuss refinishing kitchen cabinets.painting-55

    Staining or painting is superior to refacing, because your color selection is truly unlimited. Typical laminates and veneers are available in a limited range of shades. They can stain and chip at the corners – and those are costly fixes. You will not have those problems when you hire us to stain, lacquer or paint them.

    And the result is so easy to care for: the professional coatings we use when we are refinishing kitchen cabinets create a surface that wipes clean quickly. If it ever chips accidentally, we can gently repair and sand it – much more easily than laminate.

    Add Character with Color 

    If you’ve recently added new counter tops, tile or a backsplash but the cabinetry no longer looks right, don’t spend thousands of dollars on new ones. If your layout works for you, you can save thousands of dollars and get a totally fresh look with wood refinishing.

    Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets – The Process

    Cleaning – First, we remove the doors and place them on a horizontal work surface. We will then strip them down, removing years of built-up grease and grime. This is critical to create a perfectly clean and even surface that treatments will adhere to.

    Sanding – After cleaning and degreasing, we sand down the wood with a heavy grit to remove any surface imperfections. Sanding also roughs up the wood slightly to prepare the surface. Any dings or divots are filled in with special grade caulk and sanded until they’re undetectable. If you want to change the positions of knobs and pulls, we will fill holes in completely.

    Priming – If you’re lacquering or painting, high-build, sandable primer goes on next. It fills in natural grain imperfections to create the smooth result of the final coats. This step must be done by a professional to ensure it goes on evenly and thickly enough with no missed spots: any gaps will jeopardize the ability of the coating to adhere in the moist environment of a kitchen. When it comes to refinishing kitchen cabinets, a finer grit sandpaper smoothes brushstrokes out of the prepared surface.

    painting-54Wood Staining

    The natural beauty of the grain is enhanced by sheer washes of color. Stains are carefully put on and then wipes off with a professional technique that ensures no uneven spots. This can be covered with lacquer or varnish for the level of gloss you like.


    This thick coating hides wood imperfections. Stunning in white or black, as well as many other colors, it creates a unique, highly-saturated surface that resists dings and moisture. It’s available in many levels of sheen.


    Cost-effective and quick to apply, paint gives you endless color choices that can be removed easily if you ever change your mind. With the exterior-grade paint we use, it will stand up to the heat of the kitchen.Call now for an estimate on all types of cabinet refinishing including stains and lacquer. Or you can paint as a less costly alternative to new facings. By refinishing kitchen cabinets, you get a new look without “new” prices, and you essentially recycle what you have now to reduce waste in our landfills.

    When applied by our experienced craftsmen, it all adds up to an easy way to give this much-used room personality.

    We specialize and master in refinishing kitchen cabinets in  North County San Diego and surrounding areas.