• You are looking to redo your kitchen and you have picked out colors found someone to take the cabinet refinishing and you’re wondering about other features that would help update your cooking space and storage space and make it more efficient and user friendly. Here are some creative ways to do just that.

    Ask the cabinet refinisher to add soft-close hinges and drawers. You don’t have to live with the slamming of cabinets and drawers any longer. These systems will help reduce noise.

    Add in pull out shelving inside the cabinets. This way, you don’t have to grab a step to reach the back of that top cabinet. Pull the shelf out and reach what you need.

    Install under cabinet lighting as a must. Following a recipe is easier when you have enough light to see it. The lighting will help you to see what you are doing and it adds to the beauty of the kitchen.

    Add in some creative storage within the cabinets. There are great units for pans and lids and other odd items. There are also storage solutions for plates and cookie sheets within the cabinets to help your kitchen stay organized and looking it’s best.

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