• Subtle, eccentric, beautiful—unique wall coverings from the experts who care.

    From wallpaper and fine fabrics to natural grasses and acoustical coverings, make your space more unique, more functional and more enjoyable. With the finest craftsmanship from top European designers and technicians, we can help you make a stunning first impression. Our dedication to you means that we are ready to put our decades of experience, top training, industry-leading products and innovative equipment to work for you.

    Designer Wall Covering Options

    Cutting-edge, hand-made solutions that are transforming how you see your walls, we can provide you with the designer covering options that you’ve been dreaming about. Here’s just a sample of what we can do:

    Murals – The possibilities are endless. From a serene landscape to a favorite photo, there are thousands of images and every possible theme to add the right feel to your home or office.

    Flocking – Ornate, stunning and bold, this velvet repeat pattern is making a comeback in the design world. See how flocked wallpaper can add a playful vintage elegance of fleurs-de-lis and fountain motifs to bedrooms, dining rooms and other low-moisture areas.

    Grasscloth – A sophisticated, modern and breath-taking look, Grasscloth wallpaper is created from a variety of plant fibers from sea grass to hemp and jute to bamboo. Choose from a rainbow of single colors, variegated weaves or a three-dimensional patterned effect.

    Fabrics – Raw silk, linen and cotton add hand-hewn elegance to your space. Trimmed with perfection and adorned with natural textural variations, get a stunning look that’s one-of-a-kind.

    Foils – From classy to flashy, vinyl foils add depth and variation to bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining areas. With sophisticated new patterns and colors, as well as durable new materials, they have a thoroughly modern look and durability.

    Family Friendly Wall Covering

    From whiteboard surfaces that will make you never feel guilty about writing on the walls again to vinyl-coated wallpaper that stands up to the moisture and grease of the kitchen or bathroom, our family-friendly options are as beautiful as they are practical. Find one that your family loves today!

    Acoustical Wall Covering

    With high-tech fabric surfaces that are specifically designed to block out noise, our acoustical wall coverings are built to last. Standing up to high-traffic areas, made from VOC-free, fire-resistant materials, you can get a design that blends in or stands out.

    At home, we have panels that counteract the echo effects of high ceilings and hard floors. They keep kitchen clatter from spoiling an elegant gathering, maintain the ambiance of a home theater, and keep household racket from disturbing a home office.

    Molded Wall Covering

    Beautifully and durably made, our molded wall coverings are paintable accents which stand up to natural wear and tear. Walls with molds look more complete, refined and stunning, adding an affordable alternative to textured plaster.

    No matter the type, size or budget of the job, we make sure to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, every step of the way. We aim to make the process easy and enjoyable with minimal disruption and guaranteed results. With our free color consultation, you can get expert advice about what wall covering fits your tastes, budget, needs and room best.

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