• Wallpaper and wall coverings have circulated through the trend cycle for interior design. Trending, then again being banned and removed homes around the country. That trend has come full circle and wallpaper has now entered the scene again With some big changes. Wallpaper can be used to add a focal point to the room. Modern wallpaper is full of texture to the room. Today’s wallpaper has depth to it, not just in feel but also in look. There are wallpapers that consist of woven materials, like silk or linen or something more course.

    Wallpaper can look great in any room in your house, but, it can be tedious to install, therefore, many people hire experts to come in and install it for you. Also, if you have old wallpaper from the last time it was hot that needs to be stripped off the wall, professionals can save you time and energy by taking care of that too and prepping the wall for the next round of wallpaper or for interior painting. Either way, choose a painting company who has experience installing wall coverings with attention to detail.

    Coastal Colors is a interior and exterior painting company serving the Carlsbad area who offers wallpaper installation and stripping. We take extra care when it comes to our job. We provide expert care and attention without taking a ton of time. Contact us for a free estimate. Our installation will take into consideration all of the details of the room and the installation process so the finished product looks flawless!