• Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

    July 27, 2015 | Blog
  • The value of your home isn’t determined by one single factor; and there’s no perfect guideline to the best way to boost value for any-and-all homes. However, freshome.com has compiled a list of fifteen things that ought to be at the top of your list if you’re thinking of raising the value of your home, whether its for yourself or for the housing market. Let’s go over their top ten improvements in detail…

    New Kitchen Appliances

    Outdated kitchen appliances can leave a sour taste in a buyer’s mouth. If you’re appliances are half of a decade old or older, think about an update. New appliances look sleeker, run more efficiently and quietly, and save more energy and/or water. That means kickback savings, and a cleaner look and feel for your kitchen.

    Cabinet Refinishing

    Cabinets are the first thing you’ll see in a kitchen. Since they occupy the most space in your kitchen, you can guarantee that onlookers will notice cabinets that are outdated. If you’ve got wooden cabinetry, consider refinishing those cabinets. If you’ve got metal cabinets or cabinets made of some man-made material, think about cleaning your cabinets, scrapping your cabinetry, or updating your cabinets’ hardware.

    Upgrade Those Countertops

    This one’s a bit spendy, but countertops can make or break a kitchen. If you’ve got the bucks to install new countertops, consider putting in granite or concrete. There are other solid surface options on the market today that look great too! Avoid laminate countertops, as they’re out of fashion, and the corners eventually wear down and peel. Be sure to browse around for the best compromise between price and style.

    Upgrade Those Floors

    Again, this is a pricey option; but floors really make a room pop. Consider taking out laminate floors and floors with thin carpet. And get rid of old dusty shag. Think real wood flooring, tile, stone, or high-grade cushy carpet if you’ve got the money to invest.

    Upgrade Those Fixtures

    Old plumbing fixtures can look tacky – and often they’re full of rust and calcium deposits. Unless you’ve got antique fixtures, you’ll want to reassess how your water flows. Shoot for fixtures that match, and consider fixtures that conserve water. However, you’ll want fixtures that keep high pressure in your shower and sink.

    Reassess Your Master Bedroom

    Master bedrooms sell homes. Think about the lighting, paint, and window coverings. Again, assess the floor in your bedroom as well. This space should be cozy, comfortable, and private.

    Redo That Master Bath

    Likewise, master bathrooms make master bedrooms luxurious. Think spa quality fixtures. If you’ve got the money to put down try to shoot for a big spa tub, a shower with glass panelling (and possibly a steam shower?), matching fixtures, new cabinetry, and a large mirror.

    Install Your Dream Home Theater

    Home theaters are the pinnacle of entertaining. If you’ve got a big-box tube TV, you’ll want to upgrade to a wall-mounted flat screen, and seriously consider built-in surround sound. Not cheap, but you’ll get plenty of use out of a good theater system.

    Make Your Home Sustainable

    This comes back to your fixtures and appliances. Think green when picking new appliances and fixtures. Pick products that’ll save you energy, water, and money! Reconsider your lightbulbs while you’re at it!

    Amp Up Your Garage

    A garage is an integral part of a home. Sure, it’s where you store your car, and all those tools, and a few pounds of dust. But a good garage cranks up the value of a home. Consider installing a workbench, finish any unfinished walls, and install permanent storage that opens up the space in your garage. Resurface your concrete with a laminate epoxy if you’re really looking to fancify that garage of yours!

    If you’re weighing your options when it comes to boosting the value of your home, always think What needs done? And what can I afford? Find a balance between your budget and your vision. And if you’re upgrading on a budget, remember the quick fixes that go a long way. Stretch your dollar by refinishing your cabinets, or applying a new layer of paint. As always, you can call on Coastal Colors as your Carlsbad area renovators. We’ll freshen up your home with our painting and cabinetry services!