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    April 11, 2014 | Blog
  • You might be reluctant to paint the rooms in your home in bright and vivid hues because you think it is inappropriate for the architectural style. The truth of the matter is that all periods of architecture has welcomed colorful rooms. Just take for instance the deep blue colors utilized in Colonial Revival or the rich reds splashed on parlour walls of the Queen Anne era. In other words, there has always been a place for bold colors inside the house. In today’s open-planned homes, where living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms are often just one big space, colors can be utilized to help define interiors as well as create focal points.  All you need to do is discover which colors to use.

    One very effective way to use color to transform a room is by playing up any architectural features. That is, use your windows, doors, built-in bookcases and arched doorways as a layer of interest. Even subtle emphasis on, say, molding can transform the look of a room. If you desire a bolder approach, use two different colors in the same room. For instance, paint the trim of the windows a shade of blue in a room with green walls. This will highlight the windows.

    In rooms that have little if any features, painting an accent wall in a vivid color will add drama and give the room a punch. In many cases, you can treat the ceiling of a room just like the fifth wall. Though ceilings are typically white to achieve airiness, painting the ceiling in a lighter shade of the wall color will have the same effect.

    We are a full-service, custom interior and exterior painting company based in North County San Diego. You pick the colors, we transform the room.