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    February 7, 2014 | Blog
  • You have decided it is time to do a little interior design. You spent a few hours at the local paint store looking at countless color combinations and nothing has inspired you. You want a new and fresh look, you want something trendy, you need inspiration. We are guessing you probably haven’t even considered wallpaper as a trendy solution to your decorating project. Hold on to your hat because the wallpaper trends in 2014 will surely blow you away.

    Not a year goes by without the resurgence of a past popular trend. It happens in the world of fashion and it happens in our world of home decor. This year, the rage is in 50s and 60s off kilter geometrics. This looks best when there is a whole bunch of contrasting prints jumbled together. If this is the look you want to choose, might we suggest matching curtains and sofa cushions. You can check out some groovy designs right here.

    Flowers are in this year; but then, when do they really ever go out of style? This year, the flowers are big and bold and look fantastic mixed with a geometric print. These certainly are not the same types of flowers that were plastered on your grandmother’s walls.


    With the advancement in printing techniques, it is as easy as ever to bring photographs to life in wallpapers. You can choose from repeating patterns or opt for the large, eye-catching mural. Either way, the look will please you.

    At Coastal Colors, we provide wallpaper installations services that will impress even the keenest eye as we will match up patterns with technical excellence. We are a painting company serving North County San Diego.