• What You Get When You Hire Us

    Fully Insured for our Clients’ Protection –  We are fully bonded and carry liability and workers compensation insurance for our client’s total protection. If one of our crew has an accident on your property (it’s never happened so far!)  you are fully covered by our insurances. Using unlicensed or uninsured Contractors saves you money on the bid price but can cost you far, far more in the long run. We could recount to you many horror stories as a result of inadequate insurance and so we highly recommend you just don’t risk it. Thoroughly check your Contractor’s Insurance credentials.

    All Work Overseen By Contractor/Owner – Michael Chilton is a working Contractor and works and oversees all of his painting projects with his crew. You don’t just see him at the estimating stage, but pretty well all the way through the projects and he is always available to you throughout the entire process.

    Detailed, Clear, Accurate Bids – Our written proposals are very detailed and clear and we carry out the work in the time quoted and at the price quoted.  No hidden extras.  Nothing is added unless the client requests additional work and approves it with their signature on a Change Order. This way there are no surprises at the end  for either party!

    Fine Craftsmanship & Careful Work: When we bid a job, we do not skimp on man-hours. That means that our employees are not rushed or pushed to cut corners. Instead, they are able to take pride in their work and pay careful attention to each step: protecting your belongings; setting up properly; thoroughly preparing each surface; painting with care and cleaning up thoroughly. Our painters stay on your project, are clear communicators, are efficient and work until the job is done right. All our crew members are fully trained in the craft of painting & decorating.

    Use of Premium Materials: We use only premium materials to ensure that you will have the truest color and the longest paint performance. Using cheap materials saves money on the bid price but can cost far more in the long-term, when the coatings fail prematurely.

    No Questions Asked Guarantee: We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with our work we will work with you to make it right. We also offer a full warranty on our work to give you further peace of mind. We want your referrals and great reviews and we do everything we can to earn them!

    What You Don’t Get When you Hire Us

    The old adage “you get what you pay for” is as true in the residential painting industry as it with just about any service or product you purchase. Coastal Colors Painting is not a bargain basement company in respect of our prices or the services we provide. There are many tricks that other painting companies use in order to produce a lower price bid such as:

    • not carrying adequate insurance to protect their clients. Do you know that if your Contractor does not carry Workers Compensation Insurance your home and assets are at risk should there be an accident resulting in injury?
    • using low grade materials

    • putting pressure on painting crews to finish the work quickly which results in sloppy work.

    • unclear bids add costly “extras” at the end of the job